Bees and Cosmic Flowers

2022 Year of Aesthetics Series №30 June 16 2022

Bees with heavy lined Cosmic Flowers

For several years, I have done works on paper in about 2017, I added a several pen and ink drawings to my catalog of paintings. One concept that lead to hundreds of book marks (part of my book mark for every book project), started with arrays of bees. This lead to larger sizes from small 2X3" book mark size, the bees were an obsession for two years.

Book Mark Bees, Cosmic Flowers and Supermassive Black Holes

The bees were inspired by Sappho’s fragment:

…for me neither the honey-maker nor the honey …

This one line lead to countless hours and stolen moments of metaphysical hooky doing random variation bees. The idea of swarm and motion with a perceived randomness dominated the later works. The bees came first. The cosmic flowers started out as Super Massive Black Holes after I stumbled across the Muse song, They became flowers and more standardized as time went on with elements of size and positioning randomness. The idea or rule was balance and randomness with a flexible but easily generated form that could be varied in a series of unique compositions.

Size variation also became an aspect of the work and also I explore a more Asian longer role print geometry.

Long print with Rag Flowers.

Also Black paper and grey papers were explored with white bees and flowers in a negative form.

Bees in negative
Size and paper variations

The final end of this series was mostly balancing on square fields with randomness “optimized” and motion captured. Countless different pens were used and some acrylic paint pens also.

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