Jazz, A Random Walk into the New

2022 Year of Aesthetics Series №25

With my desire to play piano and focus on jazz, I wanted to listen to some new jazz records and performances. My goal was to randomly go from recording to recording via youtube.com to here things I had not heard. I wanted to go beyond old favorite artist and recordings into the wide array of performers that are a second away.

I have focused on Albums or records and I have not limited myself to any main instrument and have often found my random walk some what less than randomly strolling towards great ensembles brought together by a great head liner. The rules were simple records I had not owned or listened to often, don’t focus on the bad , just walk on when you find a lessor recording. Sort of just let things I like lead to others that I like.

The first record of the walk is actually an old album that I had heard and never owned, but is pure mastery, so familiar but not new also since it is a John Coltrane recording it has depth and is part of such a large catalog that it is almost inexhaustible.

Love Supreme is like most Coltrane highly centered and cerebral but talks to your very soul. Yet the other solos including McCoy Tyner exceptional piano is a pure luxury, the rhythm section is near perfect but not rigid, everything is fluid and full of poetic license.

Part I — Acknowledgement 0:00 Part II — Resolution 7:42 Part III — Pursuance 15:02 Part IV — Psalm 25:44 Line-up: John Coltrane — bandleader, liner notes, vocals, soprano and tenor saxophone Jimmy Garrison — double bass Elvin Jones — drums McCoy Tyner — piano

I have to say this may be my favorite recording on this journey. Lee Morgan is a very recent find and he is very new to me. First this is a recording that flows form song to song. It has an interesting bifurcation between the horn and guitar soloist and the rhythm section. The rhythm section with Herbie Hancock on piano as its core acts often as single entity and interacts with the soloist as one, it often plays in duets and trios with Morgan, Green and Shorter. The Morgan / Shorter duets are fascinating. Hancock’s fills are perfect and he plays a solid roll as an additional percussionist on this recordings. He shares his solos with the rhythm section like a marriage. Higgins drums are tight and maybe the best percussive record on this list.

Search For A New Land lives up to its quest this is just a place onto itself.

00:00 Search for the new land 15:50 Mr. Kenyatta 24:35 Melancholee 30:55 Morgan the Pirate Interpreten: Lee Morgan tp., Wayne Shorter ts., Herbie Hancock p., Grant Green gt., Reggie Workman b., Billy Higgins dr.

I have to say I want to by an organ every time I here just a solid group of player but Jimmy’s organ steals the show from even Lee Morgan and Kenny Burrell.

01.THE SERMON 0:00 (jimmy smith) LEE MORGAN trumpet LOU DONALDSON alto sax TINA BROOKS tenor sax KENNY BURREL guitars JIMMY SMITH organ ART BLAKEY drums 02. J.O.S. 20:12 (jimmy smith) LEE MORGAN trumpet GEORGE COLEMAN alto sax EDDIE McFADDEN guitars JIMMY SMITH organ DONALD BALEY drums 03. FLAMINGO 32:09 (T.Grouya-E. Anderson) LEE MORGAN trumpet KENNY BURREL guitars JIMMY SMITH organ ART BLAKEY drums Blue Note 4011

I want one of these!

Bamboo is full of strange covers using traditional Japanese instruments. The first Take 5 cover is out of this world good. The flutes and Japanese percussion are real treats, it is not without its flaws but just when I was going to bow out extraordinary music magically happened.

00:00​ 1. Take Five 04:58​ 2. Nogamigawa Funauta 08:57​ 3. The Positive And The Negative 18:21​ 4. And I Love Her 21:23​ 5. The House Of The Rising Sun 25:50​ 6. Do You Know The Way To San Jose 28:55​ 7. Soul Bamboo 34:27​ 8. Call Me 38:02​ 9. Scarborouge Fair — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Credits — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Arranged By — Kozaburo Yamaki (tracks: 5 to 9), Takashi Ikeda (tracks: 1 to 4) Bass — Jun Suzuki (tracks: 1 to 4) Biwa — Masako Hirayama (tracks: 1 to 4) Koto — Kimiko Yamauchi (tracks: 1 to 4) Percussion-Hiromitsu Katada Percussion [Drums] — Kisaku Katada Performer [Performance] — New Dimension Group (tracks: 1 to 4), The New Emotions (tracks: 5 to 9) Shakuhachi — Minoru Muraoka

This is a monster, Baker makes you feel every note and every breath as if his horn has its own language, the piano becomes the main percussion and the fills and piano work are unbelievable these guys are as tight as can be. They just interweave between the three of them with a form of telepathy.

Recorded live at Moonlight club Macerata, Italy, November 24, 1985. 00:00 Polka Dots And Moonbeams 13:38 Night Bird 25:10 Estate 42:37 Polka Dots And Moonbeams 01:00:42 Arbor Way 01:17:28 Dee’s Dilemma 01:31:12 How Deep Is The Ocean 01:41:18 My Foolish Heart 01:55:15 My Funny Valentine 02:06:59 Broken Wing 02:20:23 Down https://www.discogs.com/Chet-Baker-Tr... Bass — Massimo Moriconi Engineer — Alberto Montebello Graphics, Design — Virginia Piangiarelli Piano — Michel Grailler Producer, Liner Notes — Paolo Piangiarelli Trumpet, Vocals — Chet Baker Label: Philology ‎– W 10/11–2 Chet Baker Trio — Live From The Moonlight (1988)



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