On Fostering Disagreement, Karl Popper’s Aesthetic

2022 Year of Aesthetics Series №5

Popper in his essay The Myth of the Frame Work emphasized disagreement and class of civilization, myths, framework and scientific theory as a necessity of moving human knowledge and science forward.

His focus in on disagreement inspiring new thoughts within ones frame work to make ones possible outlook wider. He compares our framework to a prison which with each incorporation of outside frame works, we may still be a prisoner but we will have a larger prison or at least less burdensome chain inside.

He counters that frameworks do not allow discussion because frameworks are inviolate and that two opposing frame works will always stall debate. He sees the action of those on debate, who want to win an argument instead of bolster and improve their ideas and theory as using frame works as an excuse to close down ideas.

Popper wants prosimucty of ideas and then critical exploration between frames his goal isn’t ensured agreement but both frames exploring each other ideas for truth.




Chem E speaker of words doer of deeds

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Ernest Boehm

Ernest Boehm

Chem E speaker of words doer of deeds

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